Define Program, Programming, Programming Language

A set of instructions given to a computer to solve a particular problem is known as program and the task of developing program is known as programming, and the software in which you are writing program is known as programming language.

C - Syntax

Syntax defines the set of rules for writing programs. Every language specification defines its own syntax.

Rules for writing a C Program:

  1. Each instruction is written as a separate statement.
  2. All keywords, syntax should be entered in small case letters.
  3. Every C statement must end with a ';' (semi-colon), this is known as statement terminator.
  4. The statements in a program must appear in the same order in which we wish them to be executed, unless jumping statements are not used.

A program in C-Language can be composed of:

  • Variables Represents a named in memory block that can store values for the program.
  • Literals Represents constant/fixed values.
  • Operators Operators are the symbols that define how the operands will be processed.
  • Keywords Keywords are the reserved words that have a special meaning.