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Programing Approach

Algorithm, Flow Chart

Define C

Define Programming

C - Syntax

C - Variables

C - Keywords

C - Data Types

C - Comments

Turbo C - Shortcut keys

C - Operators

Hierarchy of Operators

Ex: Arithmetic Operator

Control Structure

Control Structure - if

Ex: If condition

Ex: Inc / Dec Operator

C - loops

Ex: Loops

C - Nesting Of loops

Ex: Nested Loops

Constant Variable

C - Escape Sequence

C - Arrays 1D, 2D

C - Sorting


Character I/O Function

C - Strings

Ex: Strings

Array of Strings

C - Math Functions

C - Functions

C - Types of Functions

Storage Class

C - Header Files

C - Preprocessor

C - Pointers

C - Structures

Typedef File Handling

Command Line Argument


Define Programming

A set of instructions given to a computer to solve a particular problem is known as program, And the task of developing programs is known as programming.

Rules for writing a C Program:
1. Each instruction is written as a separate statement.
2. The statements in a program must appear in the same order in which we wish them to be executed, unless jumping statements are not used
3. All keywords, syntax should be entered in small case letters.
4. Every C Statement must end with a ;(semi-colon). This is known as statement terminator.

Update: 09-Sep-18