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CSS3 2D Transform

CSS3 Transform allow you to translate, rotate, scale, and skew. Using CSS3 Transform we can change the HTML element shape, size and position.
CSS3 2D Transforms methods are:
1. translate()
2. rotate()
3. scale()
4. skewX()
5. skewY()
6. matrix()

The translate() Method

The translate() method moves an element from one place to another.
Syntax: transform: translate(x-axis , y-axis);


The Rotate() Method

The rotate() method rotates an element clockwise or counter-clockwise according to a given degree. Using negative values will rotate the element counter-clockwise.
Syatax: transform: rotate(angle);


The Scale() Method

The scale() method increases or decreases the size of an element.
Syntax: transform: scale(width, height);