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Exercise Questions on 1D-Array

  1. Input 10 number and find sum and average.
  2. Find maximum and minimum number in an array
  3. Find 2nd largest and 2nd smallest number in an array
  4. Merge 2 arrays in a sorted order
  5. Input 10 numbers in array and reverse the array list without using another array.
  6. Merge 2 arrays uniquely
  7. Append, Insert, Search, Reverse, Sort, Update, Delete an element in an array
  8. WAP that splits an array into odd and even numbers.
  9. Calculate sum of odd and even numbers
  10. Find factorial of each number stored in array


Sorting is use to arrange the data in a particular order, either ascending or descending order.

Types of Sort:

  1. Bubble Sort - it start comparing number from start till bottom and place a largest number in the end.
  2. Selection Sort - It starts comparing number from top and place a smallest number in starting.
  3. Insertion - Insertion sort start comparing number from 1st index to top of the list and insert that number at its sorted position.

Exercise Question on 2D-Array

  1. Input two 3x3 matrix and add them.
  2. Input two 3x3 matrix and multiple them.
  3. Input 3x3 matrix and transpose it.
  4. Input 3x3 matrix and find sum of all rows, columns and diagonals
  5. Find whether the input matrix is symmetric or not.
  6. Find the upper and lower triangular matrices.
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