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HTML Font Tag

HTML Font tag is use to change the text size, text color and font of the text. The table below lists the font attributes:

Attribute Description
Face To change font of the text.
Size To change text size. Size value must be between 1 and 7. Default font size is 3.
Color To change text color.
<font color="red"> Text with Red color. </font>
<font size="5"> Text with font size 5. </font>
<font face="Lucida Handwriting"> Text with font face "Lucida Handwriting". </font>
<font color="red" size="5" face="Lucida Handwriting">Text Size='5' Color='red' face='Lucida Handwriting'. </font>

Some common HTML Tags are:

HTML Tag Description
<br> Break row: anything following it starts from the new line.
<b> ... </b>
<strong> ... </strong>
To Make Text Bold
<i> ... </i>
<em> ... </em>
To Make Text Italic
<u> ... </u>
<ins> ... </ins>
To Make Text Underline
<sup> ... </sup> To create text as Superscript, X2
<sub> ... </sub> To create text as Subcript, H2O
<strike> ... </strike>
<s> ... </s>
<del> ... </del>
To Strike the Text
<small> ... </small> <small> tag makes the font size one point smaller i.e. 2. Default Font size is 3.
<big> ... </big> <big> tag makes the font size one point larger i.e. 4.
<center> ... </center> To Make the Text alignment center.
&nbsp Stands for Non Breaking Space, use to spacing between the text.
<q> ... </q> Use for Quotation mark.
<blockquote> ... </blockquote> Use for indent the text (left, right margin)