JavaScript Operators

Operators are the special symbols that performs some specific mathematical or logical calculations. The value that the operator operates on is called the operand. For example: a+b. Here, + is the operator that performs addition, a and b are the operands. All operators in JavaScript return a value, JavaScript provides the following types of operators:

1. Arithmetic Operators: Return Number Datatype
+Addition, String Concatenation
%Modulas (Remainder)
2. Comparison/Relational Operators: Return Boolean Datatype
>Greater than
<Less than
>=Greater than equals to
<=Less than equals to
!=Not equals to
==Equals to
3. Logical Operators
4. Assignment Opeartor
5. Compound Assignment Operators
+=Add and Assignment
−=Subtract and Assignment
*=Multiply and Assignment
/=Divide and Assignment
%=Modules and Assignment
6. Conditional Operator
? :
7. Increment Operators
a++Post Increment
++aPre Increment
8. Decrement Operators
a--Post Decrement
--aPre Decrement
9. Bitwise Operators
<<Left Shift
>>Right Shift
>>>Zero-Fill Right Shift
10. Comma Operators