Define Visual C#.Net

Visual C#.Net

Microsoft C#.Net provides extensive support for building windows applications. Windows applications are event driven and provide a graphical interface to their users, also respond to user interaction. This graphical user interface is called a 'Windows Form'.

A Windows form may contain controls like label control, textbox control, command button etc.


Controls are visual components that compose the graphical user interface. Everything you see in a GUI is a control, including the form itself. Controls can be applied on the form, from Toolbar by using drag and drop, Tools are grouped inside different categories.

Naming Your Controls

We name our control using its Name property. Naming controls follows the guideline for naming variables such as spaces, special characters, and the use of keywords are prohibited. You can name the control depending on its use. For example, a text box use to retrieve the first name of the user can be named firstName just like a normal variable. But when naming controls, it is better to prefix the name of the control, txt for textbox, btn for button, cmb for combo, rbtn for radiobutton, mnu for menuitem, chk for checkbox.

Using Controls

Example 1. Input String and display it with hello.

C# Display Hello