Python - Type Casting

Type Casting is a concept of converting one data type into another data type. To convert, simply use the data-type-name as a function.

There are several built-in functions to perform conversion from one data type to another.

Function Description
int(x [,base]) Converts x to an integer. The base specifies the base if x is a string.
float(x) Converts x to a floating-point number.
str(x) Converts object x to a string representation.
eval(str) Evaluates a string and returns an object.
list(s) Converts s to a list.
tuple(s) Converts s to a tuple.
set(s) Converts s to a set.
dict(d) Creates a dictionary. d must be a sequence of (key,value) tuples.
chr(x) Converts an integer to a character.
b=int(a) # float to int
b=int(10.9) # b will be 10
b=int("5") # string to int
b=float(a) # int to float
b=float(10) # b will be 10
b=float("5.5") # string to float
b=str(a) # int to string
b=str(10) # int to string
b=str(5.5) # float to string