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Core Java Tutorial

Define Java

C vs C++ vs Java

Java Virtual Machine

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Relationship Between C, C++ and Java

Relationship Diagram

Difference between Java and C Language

Java C Language
Java is pure object – oriented programming language. C does not support object-oriented programs. It is a procedural programming language.
Java does not support data types like structure, union and enum. C uses structure, union and enum data types.
Java does not define the type modifiers keywords auto, extern, register, signed and unsigned. C uses type modifiers keywords auto, extern, register, signed and unsigned.
Java does not have a preprocessors like #define, #include and #ifdef. C uses preprocessors #define, #include and # ifdef.
Java use new operator to allocate memory at run time. C uses malloc function to allocate memory at run time.

Difference between Java and CPP Language

Java C++ Language
Java is pure object – oriented language. CPP is basically a C language with object-oriented extension.
Java does not support operator overloading. CPP uses operator overloading concept to overload operator.
Java does not have template classes. CPP uses template classes.
Java does not support multiple inheritance. CPP support multiple inheritance.
Java uses interface to implement multiple classes. No concept of interface in CPP.
Java does not support global variables. Every variable and method is declared within a class. CPP support global variables. We can declare variable outside a class also.
There is no concept of pointers in java. Pointers can be used.
Java has replaced destructor with finalize () method. CPP uses destructor to destroy allocated memory.
There is no concept of header files in java. Only packages are used. In CPP we must include a header file before using a header file function. No concept of package.
Java supports multithreading programming. Multithreading programming cannot be possible in CPP.
Java is Platform Independent. CPP is Platform dependent.
Java supports network programming. No, Network programming.
In java we can use applet programming to develop web pages. No applet programming, no concept of web only window based programs are build.
Java supports automatic garbage collection. In CPP we have to destroy object by using destructor method.