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Properties is use to access the private fields to read or write their values. A property consists of a get or set declaration, or both. A property can be read-write property, read-only property, or a write only property, according to the presence or absence of the get and set accessors. If both are present the property is read-write property. If only get is present it’s a read only property. And if only set is present it’s a write-only property.
The get is a parameter less method with a return value, and use to invoke the value of a private field to compute.
The set is use to assign a value of a private field.

    class ex
        private int rollno;
        public int RollNo
                return rollno;
                rollno = value;
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            ex obj = new ex();
            obj.RollNo = 100;
            Console.WriteLine("Rollno=" + obj.RollNo);