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MS-SQL Date Functions

Getdate()Returns the current date and time
Datepart()Returns a single part of a date/time
Dateadd()Adds or subtracts a specified time interval from a date
Datediff()Returns the time between two dates

Select getdate()
Select datepart(d,getdate())
Select Dateadd(d,45,getdate())
Select * from Order where OrderDate = '2008-11-11'

Convert Functions
The Convert function is a general function that converts an expression of one data type to another.
Select Convert (Data_type(length), Expression, Style)
Select Convert (Varchar(10), Getdate(), 5)

1 or 101mm/dd/yy
2 or
3 or 103dd/mm/yy
4 or
5 or 105dd-mm-yy
8 or 108hh:mm:ss
9 or 109mon dd yyyy hh:mi:ss:mmm AM (or PM)
10 or 110mm-dd-yy
11 or 111yy/mm/dd
13 or 113dd mon yyyy
14 or 114hh:mi:ss:mmm (24h)