C#.Net Textbox

C#.Net TextBox control is used to display, or accept input from the user. Provide the user with an area to write/edit text.

Common Properties are:
S.No Property Description
AutoCompleteCustomSource To use when the AutoCompleteSourceproperty is set to Custom Source.
AutoCompleteMode Options that controls how automatic completion works for the TextBox.
BackColor To change textbox background color.
BorderStyle You can set 3 different types of border style i.e. None, FixedSingle and fixed3d
CharacterCasing Use to modify the case of characters as they are typed.
Enabled Set to false to make the text box read-only.
Font Change the font of the text displayed by the control.
ForeColor Change the foreground color of the control.
MaxLength Set the maximum length of the text in the control.
Multiline To change the textbox from single line to multi line mode.
PasswordChar Generally use to enter passwords.
Readonly Tells whether the text in the form can be edited.
RightToLeft / TextAlign To change the alignment of the textbox. Eg Left, Center, Right.
Scrollbars Specify how scroll bars should appear in a multiline TextBox control. None, Horizontal, Vertical, Both.
TabIndex Specify the tab order of the control.
Text Specify the text display in the text box.
Visible Tells whether the text box is visible inside the form.
WordWrap Automatically transfer cursor to the next line.
Height/Width To change the textbox height and width.
Common Methods are:
S.No Methods Description
AppendText Appends text to the current text of a text box.
Clear Clears all text from the text box control.
Copy Copies the current selection in the text box to the Clipboard.
Cut Moves the current selection in the text box to the Clipboard.
Paste Replaces the current selection in the text box with the contents of the Clipboard.
ResetText Resets the Text property to its default value.
Undo Undoes the last edit operation in the text box.
Common Events are:
S.No Events Description
Click When the control is clicked.
DoubleClick When the control is double-clicked.
Enter Control got focus or active.
Leave Control lost focus or no longer active.
KeyDown, KeyPress, KeyUp Keyboard Events.
MouseDown, MouseEnter, MouseHover,
MouseLeave, MouseMove, MouseUp
Mouse Events.
TextChanged Event raised when the value of the text changed.

Example 1: Identify the key pressed.

private void textBox1_keydown(object sender, keyEventArgs e)
    if(e.KeyCode == Keys.Enter)
        MessageBox.Show("You Press Enter Key");

Example 2: Display Text in Label while changing in textbox.

Textbox in C#.Net