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Button Control in C#.Net

Button is commonly used to execute code when it is clicked. Usually the Click event is handled for the Button.

Button control Properties, Methods, Events:
Properties Description
AutoEllipsis Specifies whether to append dots (...) when the text in the button is too long.
DoubleClick When the control is double-clicked.
Enter Control got focus or active.
Leave Control lost focus or no longer active.
KeyDown, KeyPress, KeyUp Keyboard Events.
MouseDown, MouseEnter, MouseHover,
MouseLeave, MouseMove, MouseUp
Mouse Events.
TextChanged Event raised when the value of the text changed.
Methods Description
AutoSize Specifies whether the button will automatically resize to fit its content.
FlatStyle Determines the style of the button.
Enabled If set to false, the button cannot be clicked.
Image An image that you can place inside the control.
ImageAlign The alignment of the image in the button.
Text The caption inside the button.
Visible Tells whether the button is visible or not.
Events Description
Click Occurs when you click the button.
Enter Occurs when the control becomes active.
Leave Occurs when the control becomes inactive anymore.
LocationChanged Occurs when the location of the button is changed.
MouseDown Occurs when the mouse pointer is in the button and the mouse button is pressed down.
MouseEnter Occurs when the mouse enters the button.
MouseHover Occurs when the mouse stays stationary in the button for an amount of time.
MouseUp Occurs when you pressed the button and you let go of the mouse button.
MouseLeave Occurs when the mouse pointer leaves the button.

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