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Exercise: C, C++ Graphics

  1. WAP to move the text on screen.
  2. WAP to create a face with animated smile.
  3. WAP to create a hut. (Solution)
  4. WAP to draw concentric circles. (Solution)
  5. WAP to create circles that will keep on growing till the assigned number. (Solution)
  6. WAP to draw stars in night sky. (Solution)
  7. WAP for bouncing ball animation. (Solution)
  8. WAP to make a digital clock. (Solution)
  9. WAP to Moving Car Animation. (Solution)
  10. WAP to Draw Bar Graph. (Solution)
  11. WAP to Draw 3D Bar Graph. (Solution)
  12. WAP to Draw Pie Chart. (Solution)
Updated: 2-Jul-21