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PHP superglobals

Superglobals were introduced in PHP 4.1 Version, All superglobals and are built-in variables and are always available in all the scopes.
The PHP superglobal variables are:


$_SERVER is a PHP super global variable which holds information about Server IP Address, Server Name, PHP File, PHP File Path, Request Method, Query String.

Superglobal Variables Description
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] Returns the current filename
$_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] Returns the IP address of the host server
$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] Returns the name of the host server (website name)
$_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'] Returns the server software (Apache)
$_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] Returns the request method used to access the page (GET/POST)
$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] Returns the query string if the page is accessed via a query string
$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] Returns the IP address of the user computer
$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] Returns the absolute pathname (full path) of the current php file
$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] Returns the name of the current php file


PHP $_REQUEST is used to collect data after submitting an HTML form.


A Querystring (also called an HTTP querystring) is the set of characters automatically input in the address bar. Querystring is a way of passsing value with the URL(Uniform Resource Locator), the querystring follows a separating character, a question mark(?), and the data to be pass.

Example 1: Query String
<a href="page2.php?value"> click </a>
    echo $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
Example 2: Query String with variable
<a href="page2.php?a=10"> click </a>
    echo $_GET['a'];
Example 3: Query String with 2 variables.
<a href="page2.php?a=10&b=20"> click 
    echo $_GET['a'];
    echo $_GET['b'];
Example 4: Query String with input variables
	<a href="page2.php?a=<?php echo urlencode($x);?>&b=<?php echo urlencode($y);?>"> click </a>
	echo $_GET['a'];
	echo $_GET['b'];