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PHP Math Functions

Built-in Math Functions available in PHP Version 4+ are:

Function Description
abs() Returns the absolute (positive) value of a number
ceil() Round numbers up to the nearest integer.
floor() Round numbers down to the nearest integer.
round() Round the number.
max() Returns the largest number from an array.
min() Returns the smallest number from an array.
sin() Return the sine value of a number.
cos() Return the cosine value of a number.
tan() Return the tangent value of a number.
Return the value of PI.
Generate random numbers.
mt_rand() function is 4 times faster than rand() function.
pow() Return x raised to the power y.
sqrt() Return the square root of a number.

Abs() Function

echo(abs(10.5)); //return 10.5
echo(abs(-10.5)); //return 10.5

Ceil Function

echo(ceil(5.1)); //return 6 

Floor Function

echo(floor(5.9)); //return 5

Round Function

echo(round(10.50)); //return 11
echo(round(10.49)); //return 10
echo(round(10.34726,2)); //return 10.35

Max Function

echo(max(array(33,67,23,78,47))); //return 78
echo(max(33,67,23,78,47)); //return 78

Min Function

echo(min(array(33,67,23,78,47))); //return 23
echo(min(33,67,23,78,47)); //return 23

Sin Function

echo(sin(90)); //return 0.89399 
echo(sin(90*(M_PI/180))); //return 1

Cos Function


tan Function


Pi Function

echo(pi()); //return 3.1415926535898 

Rand Function


Pow Function

echo(pow(2,10)); //return 1024

sqrt Function

echo(sqrt(25)); //return 5