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PHP Operators

Operators are used to perform operations on variables and values. Operators are the symbols that tells the PHP processor to perform certain action. PHP divides the operators in the following categories:

Sno Lists Operator
1. Arithmetic Operators
2. Assignment operators
=Assignment Operator
+=Addition Assignment
-=Subtraction Assignment
*=Multiplication Assignment
/=Divide Assignment
3. Comparison operators
>Greater than
<Less than
>=Greater than equals to
<=Less than equals to
Not equals to
==Equal, Equals to
===Strictly equal
4. Logical operators
xorExclusive or
5. Increment/Decrement operators
$a++Post Increment
++$aPre Increment
$a--Post Decrement
--$aPre Decrement
6. String operators
.=Concatenation assignment
7. Conditional Operator ? , :

Precedence of PHP Operators

Category Operator Associativity
Unary ! ++ -- Right to left
Multiplicative * / % Left to right
Additive + - Left to right
Relational < <= > >= Left to right
Equality == != Left to right
Logical AND && Left to right
Logical OR || Left to right
Conditional ? : Right to left
Assignment = , += , -= , *= , /= , %= Right to left