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W e b t u t o r i a l s

Programing Approach


Flow Chart

Define C

Define Programming

C - Syntax

C - Variables

C - Keywords

C - Data Types

C - Comments

Turbo C - Shortcut keys

C - Operators

Hierarchy of Operators

Ex: Arithmetic Operator

Constant Variable

C - Escape Sequence

Control Structure - if

Ex: If condition

Ex: Inc / Dec Operator

C - loops

Ex: Loops

C - Nesting Of loops

Ex: Nested Loops

Jumping Statements

C - Arrays 1D

C - Arrays 2D

C - Sorting


Character I/O Function

C - Strings

Ex: Strings

Array of Strings

C - Math Functions

User-defined Function

Exercise Function

C - Types of Functions

Storage Class

C - Header Files

C - Preprocessor

C - Pointers

C - Structures

C - Typedef

C - File Handling

Ex: File Handling

Command Line Argument


Questions on Arithmetic Operators

  1. Input 2 numbers and find sum of 2 numbers. (Hint) (Solution)
  2. Input number and calculate its square and cube.
  3. WAP to calculate area of rectangle. Area = Length x Breadth.
  4. WAP to calculate area of circle. Area = 3.14 x r x r.
  5. Calculate Simple Interest. Simple Interest = Principal * Rate * Time / 100
  6. Convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius. F = C x 9/5 + 32
  7. Convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. C = (F - 32) x 5/9
  8. Input two numbers and swap them.
  9. Input two numbers and swap them without using 3rd variable.
  10. Input distance (in km.) and convert in meters, feet, inches and centimeters.
  11. Input 5 subjects marks of a student and find total marks and percentage obtained by the student.
  12. Input minutes and convert in hours and minutes.
  13. A cashier has currency notes of denominations 10, 50 and 100. If the amount to be withdrawn is input through the keyboard, find the total number of currency notes of each denomination the cashier will have to give to the withdrawer.