Turbo C++ Shortcut Keys

Turbo C++ software is not similar as compared to other software or any other windows software. For eg: most software uses Ctrl+C for copy, but in Turbo C++ we use Ctrl+Insert key. So, this topic is important for users who work in Turbo C++ IDE for C and C++ Programming.

List of Shortcut keys in Turbo C++
Alt + F9 Compile
Ctrl + F9 Run
Alt + F5 Output window
Alt + F3 Close
Alt + X Exit
F2 Save
F3 Open
F5 Full Screen
F6 Switch to Next Open Window
Alt + Backspace Undo
Alt + Shift + Backspace Redo
Shift + Del Cut
Ctrl + Insert Copy
Shift + Insert Paste
Ctrl + Del Delete selected text
Ctrl + y Delete current line