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C Tutorial

Programing Approach


Flow Chart

Define C

Define Programming

C - Syntax

Compiler vs Interpreter

C - Variables

C - Keywords

C - Data Types

C - Comments

Turbo C - Shortcut keys

C - Operators

Hierarchy of Operators

Ex: Arithmetic Operator

C - Formatting Output

Constant Variable

C - Escape Sequence

C - if , switch

Ex: If condition

Ex: Inc / Dec Operator

C - loops

Ex: Loops

C - Nesting Of loops

Ex: Nested Loops

Jumping Statements

C - Arrays 1D

C - Arrays 2D

C - Sorting


Character I/O Function

C - String Functions

Ex: Strings

Array of Strings

C - Math Functions

User-defined Function

Exercise Function

C - Types of Functions

Storage Class

C - Header Files

C - Preprocessor

C - Pointers

C - Structures

C - Typedef

C - File Handling

Ex: File Handling

Command Line Argument


Define 'C'-Language

C is a general-purpose, high level programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T Bell Laboratory of USA in 1972.

Features of C-Language:

  1. C is a robust language.
  2. C is machine independent and highly portable language.
  3. C is platform independent.
  4. C is a case sensitive language.
  5. C is a small programming language. So, there is no need to remember many C keywords.
  6. C programs are easy to read and maintain.
  7. Programs written in C can be reused.
  8. Program written in C are fast and efficient.