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Formatting Controls

You can format Web controls and apply styles to make your Web pages look more attractive and sophisticated. All Web controls inherit from the base WebControl class. This class contains a number of properties that can be used to modify the look of a Web control.

These properties are listed in Table

Property Description
AccessKey Indicates a keyboard shortcut for selecting a control. Use a single letter or number when holding down Alt key.
BackColor Indicates color behind the text of a control. Can be specified by name (red), or by RGB value (#FF0000)
BorderStyle Sets appearance of border. Possible values are Dashed, Dotted, Double, Groove, Inset, None, NotSet, Outset, Ridge, Solid.
BorderWidth Indicates border thickness in pixels.
Font-Bold Displays text in bold.
Font-Italic Displays text in italic.
Font-Name Indicates name of typeface for formatting text.
Font-Names Indicates names of typefaces for formatting text. The first available typeface in the list is used.
Font-Overline Draws a line above the text.
Font-Size Sets font size in points or pixels.
Font-Strikeout Draws a line through the text.
Font-Underline Draws a line under the text.
Forecolor Specifies text color.
Height Sets height of control in pixels.
TabIndex Indicates tab order of controls.
ToolTip Sets the text of the tool tip.
Width Sets width of control in pixels.


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