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ASP.NET Tutorial


ASP.NET Introduction

ASP.NET Web Forms

Standard Controls

Label Control

TextBox Control

Image Control

Button Controls

Redirecting User

Using HyperLinks

RadioButton Control


CheckBox Control

CheckBoxList Control


ListBox Control

ImageMap Control

Master Page

View State

Event-Driven Programming


ASP.NET Page Structure

Visibility of Controls

Formatting Controls

Applying CSS

Dynamic CSS

Using Style Class

Themes and Skins

Panel Control

PlaceHolder Control

AdRotator Control

Calendar Control

Validation Controls

Page Navigation

User Control

Separating Code-Presentation

Overview of ADO.NET

Data Binding

DataBinding List Control

Imagemap Controls in ASP.Net

The ImageMap control enables you to create a client-side image map. An image map displays an image. When you click different areas of the image, things happen.

A HotSpot defines the clickable regions in an image map.
CircleHotSpot—Enables you to define a circular region in an image map. PolygonHotSpot—Enables you to define an irregularly shaped region in an image map.
RectangleHotSpot—Enables you to define a rectangular region in an image map.