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RadioButton Control in ASP.NET

Radio buttons represent a group of multiple options. Only one radio button in a group can be checked at a time.

The properties, methods, and events of RadioButton control are:
Property Description
Text Gets or sets the text label of radio button.
TextAlign Determines how text label is aligned relative to radio button. Possible values are Left, and Right (default).
AutoPostBack If True, the form is automatically posted when a new radio button is selected from the group.
Checked Value is True if radio button is checked and False otherwise.
GroupName Specifies the name of the group that contains the radio buttons.
Methods Description
OnCheckedChanged Raises CheckedChanged event.
Events Description
CheckedChanged Raised when radio button changes from being checked to unchecked, or vice versa.

You can group radio buttons using the GroupName property. There are two ways in which you can determine which radio button in a group is checked. Either check the Checked property of every control in the group or use the CheckedChanged event. CheckedChanged is much easier to use. But, this event is fired only if a new radio button is checked. If you submit the form with the default (already selected) radio button, then this event does not fire.