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HTML Body Tag

The HTML body tag represents the web page in which the text or images can be displayed. The HTML body tag acts as a container for other HTML tags.
HTML Body tag contains some attributes, Attributes are used to provide some additional information so that HTML elements can work better.

Bgcolor*Bgcolor stands for background color. It is use to change the document's background color. Color can be given in any one of the following formats: bgcolor="Red" or bgcolor="#f1f1f1".
Text*Use to set the default foreground color of the document i.e. text color
Background*Background attribute specifies a background picture. The picture is tiled behind the text on the page.
Link*Specify the Hyperlink color
Alink*To change the color of active link
Vlink*Change the visited hyperlink color

Note: * - denotes deprecated tag in HTML5

Body attribute: bgcolor

<body bgcolor="lightgreen">
<body bgcolor="#55ff55">

Body attribute: text

<body text="white">

Body attribute: background

<body background="image.jpg">