HTML Frame tag

HTML frames are used to divide your browser window into multiple sections, where each section can load a separate HTML file. A collection of frames is known as a frameset. HTML frameset attributes are:

HTML Frame tag attributes:
Border Defines the space between the frames, including the 3D border.
Bordercolor sets the border color
Frameborder Specifies whether border should be displayed between frames or not. This attribute takes value either 1 (yes) or 0 (no). Frame border="0" specifies no border.

HTML frames: Syntax

   <frameset rows = "15%,75%,10%">
      <frame name = "top" src="top_frame.html"/>
      <frame name = "main" src="main_frame.html"/>
      <frame name = "bottom" src="bottom_frame.html"/>

Example 1: Create three horizontal frames:

Example 2: Vertical Frame with navigation

Example 3: Create the Following Layout using Frame Tag.