HTML Marquee tag

HTML Marquee tag is used to scroll text or images either horizontal or vertical direction. In the web page scrolling text can be used to display news in notice section, breaking news, the latest offer etc.

HTML Marquee tag - Attributes
Scrollamount Scrollamount specifies the speed of marquee text.
Behavior Specifies the scrolling type of the marquee. Possible value: scroll, slide and alternate. Default value is scroll.
Bgcolor Specifies the marquee background color.
Direction Specifies the direction in which the marquee should scroll. Possible values: left, right, up, or down, default value is left.
Loop Specifies how many times to repeat marquee. Value can be set to 1, 0 and -1 (infinite). The default value is infinite.
Width, Height Specifies the width and height of the marquee area.
Hspace Specifies horizontal space around the marquee.
Vspace Specifies vertical space around the marquee.

Example 1: HTML Marquee tag

<marquee behavior="scroll" height="50" scrollamount="20">
    Marquee with behavior Scroll
<marquee behavior="slide" height="50" scrollamount="20">
    Marquee with behavior Slide
<marquee behavior="alternate" height="50" scrollamount="20">
    Marquee with behavior alternate